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Are you ready for the biggest food-court in Bucharest? 14th Lane is the place where savoury foods from every corner of this world will amaze your taste buds every day! Here you will find 5 friends that will give you energy for the whole working day! 

You are right! These 5 friends are the 5 international kitchens that will bring you delicious dishes – from the authentic neapolitan pizza, to the juicy beef burger and the spicy asian food – here you will find anything you crave!

But you’ll get your energy not only from our tasty and nutritious food, but from the whole space, that will give you a great vibe due to its amazing design and architecture.

This food-court has two amazing identities – food-court by day, ready to cure your hunger and prepare you for a long working day, and a lively and elegant restaurant by night, where A la Carte dishes are ready to be enjoyed with a good wine and a great conversation with your friends.

A place with two distinct and outstanding identities that will make you come back day after day in order to taste amazingly mouth-watering dishes!



We know you are hungry! Here, at the 14th Lane restaurant, we have 5 kitchens ready to be devoured! In Grozăvești, near your working place, you can find a great daily menu made especially to cure your hunger and amaze your taste buds!

The international kitchen is ready to surprise you every single day with dishes from every corner of the world! Do you feel brave and adventurous? We have something for you – the asian kitchen! Filled with spices and exotic tastes, perfectly cooked and ready to amaze you if you want to try something new and unconventional. And if you are concerned about your vitamin intake, don’t you worry! We designed, especially for the ones that are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, a salad bar filled with vegetables, vitamins and nutrients that will fuel your ambition for a long working day!

Or maybe you really miss Italy... so here you’ll taste a part of Napoli! Here you will find the traditional pizza that you crave and adore! Ready for another surprise? Made especially for the corporate employees, we have the grill station – where the magic happens! You can taste a delicious burger or some tasty ribs made in Heaven!

The atmosphere is peaceful and serene and it’s absolutely perfect for a business meeting or a casual meeting with friends. The modern architecture, the abundent natural light, the whole 14th Lane story transform this restaurant into the place to be – for great food and amazing atmosphere!



14th Lane – a restaurant that makes you feel alive! Once the night comes, the restaurant comes alive as well by turning into a culinary paradise! Here, you can taste the most exquisite dishes, filled with flavor and savour, while listening to vibrant live music!

At the end of the working week, be ready to feel amazing in a place filled with perfectly planned events where flavors shine as tradition melds with innovation! 14th Lane – a true club with a taste for authentic food!

This restaurant is full of surprises, just like a chameleon – ready to be discovered, ready to unveil its brilliant concept – food-court by day, true club by night! A paradise of great taste and mouth-watering dishes that turn this restaurant into one of the tastiest places to dine in Bucharest!

The vibrant music makes the whole city of Bucharest lively and vivid, making it come alive while tasting the work of art food that is cooked by passionate chefs. At 14th Lane, everything is in perfect harmony – the taste of the delicious dishes, the music that makes you feel euphoric. Here you will rediscover the beauty of the little things in life that matter – just like a beautiful evening enjoyed with your friends at the 14th Lane restaurant!

The 19th century nostalgia will be translated into exquisite dishes, made especially for you by talented, devoted and visionary chefs that put their heart into every dish they create! The A la Carte menu is waiting to be tasted by everyone that is as passionate about food, life and beauty as we are!