Our creative chefs are inspired by everything, from all around the world and are bringing you tasty dishes that look and taste like works of art! A fusion of taste and surprising and unexpected recipes are waiting to be savoured with our international cuisine! Here, the best recipes from all around the world are reinterpreted in order to surprise you and to make you fall in love with their exquisite taste!

Your lunch will become an incredible culinary experience, whether you decide to taste extraordinary dishes or authentic and traditional dishes – both are cooked with care and passion by the greatest chefs!

The best food. Only at 14th Lane.


The taste of Asia is now in your plate! The Asian cuisine, with its flavor and exotic taste, is reinterpreted in an extraordinary manner at our restaurant! Here, chefs from all over the world are cooking with passion spicy dishes that will make you unfold Asia’s mysteries and to fall in love with its special flavors!

Now you can enjoy an outstanding journey on Asia’s lands, a journey that is filled with specific spices, great flavors, perfectly combined in great dishes that will definitely surprise you! And our live cooking shows will make you discover the special techniques of the most passionated chefs in the world!


Who said that salads have to be boring? We are offering you, every day, fresh and colorful ingredients, that are full of vitamins and nutrients in order to make the best salad in the world! If you want to take care of your figure, or if you want to add more color in your life, our salads are simply perfect! Containing simple, tasty and natural ingredients, they will give you an energy boost in order to fulfill everything you want!

Energy comes from nature! And the whole nature is in your plate, with a salad that combines fresh vegetables, delicious spices and healthy flavors!

Live passionately, enjoy a gorgeous day, be bold and create your own salad with your favorite ingredients!


If you miss Italy’s savor and flavor, you are in the right place! We prepared, especially for you, a traditional Neapoletan pizza, fresh out of the oven! Authentic pizza, made with traditional ingredients, brought from Italy, topped with fresh mozzarella, with delicious tomatoes, with a perfect pizza base... It’s simply impossible to resist!

Come taste a perfect pizza, baked in a wood oven, with fresh basil that will make you not want to share it with anybody else! Who’s counting calories? Pizza is simply happiness! With every hot slice, you will remember the taste of Italy, with its streets filled with tourists, you will remember the smell of fresh tomatoes, the authentic taste of the best food ever!


Who doesn’t love a juicy steak on the grill? We know that you miss our carefully cooked and perfectly roasted steak, so we set up a Grill Station, just for you, grill lovers! Juicy ribs, perfectly cooked burgers with a side of golden french fries and a refreshing salad...

Craving some? Good! Because our chefs are impatient to see you at our restaurant, hungry and with an appetite for our spicy steaks!