We are what we eat! Important moments of resourcing rhythm for our daily life. Lunch is part of it and impacts significantly and inevitably our alimentary balance. It is up to us to optimize it according our desires. So, whether you're craving Asian food or old school grilled American-style dishes, we invite you to 14thLane food hall, where lunch is an experience by itself!


We focus on providing a fusion Asian cuisine that is catered to fulfil the cravings of our Asian food. Wok or Teppanyaki? Let our different flavors take you far away into the very heart of exotic Asia! Experience this culinary experience with our Asian chefs who will give you a live cooking demonstration.


A place of creation and bold choices! Our guests can compose their salad bowl choosing ingredients loaded with vitamins and minerals, salads to help increase the level of antioxidants in your body. And offering a huge nutritional benefit. 


Did you know that the first pizzeria in the world opened in Naples in 1830? Now at 14th Lane you can indulge in an assortment of authentic pizzas made from ingredients imported directly from Italy. Don't think too much because pizza should be enjoyed as soon as it leaves the oven!


For lovers of intense and juicy tastes we have prepared a very special area. We know that burgers and ribs are among your favorites, so the good news is that our chefs are just waiting you to pay a visit and try out our extensive menu with traditional American favorites.