What it is about

Perfect if you are peckish and pressed for time, the bright open space intersected by greenery, plywood and glass walls offers it's guests both relaxing and socialising zones with food counters around the edge. A popular spot to grab a bite of lunch #byday or enjoy our live music dinner #bynight, there is always a constant ebb and flow of people throughout the week.

All food

We ensure that our food is prepared by the most passionate and knowledgeable people in the industry through combining talent, passion for cuisine, a love of local produce, and a strong sense of tradition. Our highly creative young restaurateurs and chefs want to share their talent and passion for food with likeminded people by constantly inspiring, driving and embracing food values through in order to bring our food to what it should be: love, connection, shared experiences…a great unifier.


The first electric tram in Bucharest was no.14, it went from „Uzina Electrică”. 125 years after, across the former power plant a new building is rising and the restaurant at the ground floor receives the name of the first tram lane. The project was approached as a food-court. Being large enough, several corners with specialized kitchens were created, offering a wider range of experiences based on the combination of design and cooking. It’s working as an alveolar mechanism; the zones are opened depending on the hours. From the story of "tram 14" not only the name was kept. Among design elements a tram rail was inserted into the industrial floor and technical drawings of a locomotive are engraved in the plywood walls.

National - Romanian Building Awards - Board Honorable mention for Interior Design – 14th LANE

International – BigSee Interior Design Award 2019 Grand Prix

by Yellow Office Architecture 

arch. Vladimir Mîndru, arch. Ana Irina Lupu