What it is about

The biggest food court in Bucharest comes alive thanks to you! Day by day, you visit us with your lovely smiles in order to enjoy our delicious meals! At 14th Lane, you can feel the yore Bucharest vibe, in a romantic 19th century style, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere!

Filled with natural light due to its great windows, here you can enjoy moments for yourself, while tasting the best dishes from all around the world! Cooked with care and passion by the best chefs in town! Every day they will surprise you with a brand new dish!

14th Lane is the best place for business meetings, for casual meetings with your friends and for romantic dinners! Wheter you come here for a tasty lunch on your break or an important business meeting, our restaurant is always the perfect choice! It will bring you joy, calm and peace and will simply become your oasis of relaxation! 14th Lane will be... the place to BE!

Andy ou will be even more surprised! Because 14th Lane is more than a restaurant! This is not only a great food court where you can find the best cooked meals in the whole Bucharest!

This is a place that, at night, it completely transforms itself! Into a magical restaurant, that will offer you an A la Carte menu made by famous and talented chefs! Every night you wil be mesmerized by live music!

A fairytale experience! Only at 14th Lane.

All food

At 14th Lane, every day is magical! We are cooking magic in your plate! We are always ready to surprise your taste buds, even if you are a gourmand or a fine dining connaisseur! Together with the most talented and passionated chefs, we are carefully cooking tasty dishes, just for you!

Our meals are constantly reinvented and reinterpreted, always cooked at high standards and made from the very best ingredients – fresh, natural, simple and incredibly tasty! All of our products are made with ingredients from top producers and distributors. Here, we pay great attention to detail in order to give you a perfect experience every time you come by! The taste of our food is exquisite due to our passion for good food and cooking and due to the fact that we are always using fresh vegetables and the best quality ingredients that are cooked in a uniqe and surprising way!

Our A la Carte menu is solid proof that everything we do we do out of passion! With our livecooking sessions, you can discover the magic behind every delicious dish from our A la Carte menu and the love that our chefs are putting into every meal they cook!

Every dish is like a work of art! Only at 14th Lane!


With an incredible story, 14th Lane unveils itself in front of you, with every moment, every smile, every step you take inside. Do you know the 14th Lane story?

Inspired from the very first electric tram from our Little Paris, our restaurant’s story has its origins one century ago, when the number 14 tram had its end of line here, near the old power plant.

The architecture of the entire restaurant is inspired by the industrial feeling of the 19th century Bucharest, by the famous first electric tram that was transporting its passengers, day by day, up to the Obor station.

The Yellow Office architecture office wanted to make sure that 14th Lane will definitely be the end of line for everyone that is near the Regie area in Bucharest – one of the coolest neighborhoods in Bucharest!

Therefore, the two brilliant architects - Vladimir Mîndru și Ana Irina Lupu came up with an industrial design, in order to give you a delicious tram journey! Moreover, the real tram rails that were included in the floor give an eclectic vibe to the 14th Lane restaurant and will guide your way from food station to food station! From the burger bar to the asian food station, you are in for a true culinary journey!

A huge, airy space, with a lot of natural light and powerful color accents and an industrial design, 14th Lane is the perfect place for a perfect lunch!

National - Romanian Building Awards - Board Honorable mention for Interior Design – 14th LANE

International – BigSee Interior Design Award 2019 Grand Prix