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BREAKFAST & coffee

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For every single one of us, each coffee has a different story. It wakes us up in the morning, to be active and full of energy! But sometimes, it brings memories back to life. The strong smell of a freshly brewed coffee, carefully roasted, it makes us remember quiet summer mornings in our grandmother’s garden. A savory coffee at the perfect time makes us feel alive, it delights our senses and it makes us smile, each morning, for a new great day!

At 14th Lane – a coffee shop in the Regie area in Bucharest, we only serve specialty coffee, that is perfectly brewed by our national barista champion – Ecaterina Szasz. She will teach us every single day new tricks and different styles of preparing coffee! You can taste her passion in each specialty coffee cup, that is prepared just like a work of art!

Would you like to taste an exquisite cappuccino? You are in the right place! At 14th Lane, you can enjoy the best specialty coffee on our terrace! Close your eyes, savor the great taste of an extraordinary coffee and enjoy a new sunny day!


The most important meal of the day can be the most tasty? Yes! At 14th Lane, the best restaurant in the Regie are in Bucharest, your breakfast is carefully cooked and filled with vitamins and nutrients to give you an amazing vibe!

It doesn’t matter if you choose to eat a cold breakfast or a hot one, at 14th Lane you will find anything you want! From heavenly omelettes and healthy and tasty sandwiches, your breakfast will be absolutely perfect served on our terrace!

Served with a specialty coffee and a fluffy croissant, this breakfast will get you through your business meetings of the day! 

A healthy breakfast for a successful day! At the best restaurant in the Regie area – 14th Lane.

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