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5 kitchens

At 14thLane, we are always cooking savory dishes, from all over the world, in order to give you a great culinary journey, filled with savory tastes, carefully selected, in order to excite your senses and give you incredible memories!

With a delightful design and lots of delicious dishes, carefully cooked by great chefs, 14th Lane and its 5 international kitchens will totally amaze you! These kitchens are defined by the high  attention to detail, by the passion that every meals was cooked with, by the skillful chefs and their love for the highest quality ingredients.

You will be guided from station to station by the old 14 tram’s lanes, from the international kitchen with its reinterpreted dishes, to the asian fusion kitchen, with its spicy and mysterious tastes, that you will discover with every dish you taste.

And let’s not forget about our dose of health... we prepared, especially for you, a delightful salad bar filled with colorful and delicious ingredients that are pure health!

For the loevrs of delicious food, we prepared pizza and our grill station – two places in which you can savor hot, fresh and incredible dishes, that will remind you of your favorite places from all around the world!



We admire your vegan lifestyle! Therefore, we made, especially for you, delightful dishes for this particular diet! Here you can savour absolutely delicious vegan culinary specialties! A healthy lifestyle is not just a trend, it is a necessity!

The vegan diet became more and more popular for the ones that simply want to change their lifestyle and their eating habits. Even though veganism is about eliminating animal-origin foods, at 14th Lane you do not have to worry about anything! You will always find great meal options that fit your lifestyle and you can enjoy a tasty meal with your friends or during your lunch break, due to the fact that we have a vegan-friendly menu.


We know that some days are tiring and others are fully booked. Sometimes you are on the run and other times... you simply don’t know what to cook. But 14th Lane always finds a way to make your days easier! We come wherever you are with our lovely dishes! If you crave a traditional pizza, here you will find the absolute best! You are one click away from a tasty pizza, loaded with fresh mozzarella and a perfectly thin and crisp base!

You can find us on Takeaway and you can order anything you want and crave!

Let us take care of your dinner tonight, so you can relax and enjoy our delicious food!

Order by Takeaway Order by Uber Eats


That moment in which you enjoy the silence before the chaos of the urban jungle... The moment in which you are alone, with your thoughts, at the dawn of day, savouring a hot cup of coffee. Sometimes we are too hurried to realise the magic of the moment in which we drink the very first coffee of the day.

In our restaurant, you can enjoy only specialty coffee, always prepared to high standards, with an incredible and incomparable taste!

Enjoy some quality time... with yourself! With the most delicious specialty coffee, carefully roasted and prepared by the most skillful baristas in the whole world! 

You will simply be surprised by the intense taste of a fine specialty coffee! Only at 14th Lane.



Because you visit us every single day, we decided to pay you back! It doesn’t matter if you come here for a healthy breakfast or a tasty lunch during your break, our fidelity card has countless benefits!

You get 5% bonus points when you add at least 50 lei and 10% bonus points for a minimum of 100 lei in order to use them every day when you decide to savour our dishes!

We are waiting for you at 14th Lane with exquisite dishes, amazing benefits and free smiles!