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Lane Delivery is our response to people's desire to continue to enjoy the quality and creativity they were accustomed with at 14th Lane, but now in the safety and tranquility of their homes or offices.

We reinvent ourselves and we are ready to offer a premium culinary experience delivered in conditions of maximum safety.

We chose a simple menu, with dishes that we know you love, but that we have enriched and improved. We combine premium ingredients with international inspiration to make each meal a moment of joy and discovery.

Every day we try to surprise you with dishes from the gastronomy of the world because we want you to always be able to enjoy something different, interesting, and very tasty.


Because you are always looking for the best burger, the most authentic pizza or the most delicious salad, we set out to help you find them all in one place.

Good food starts with the ingredients you use, so we choose to directly import fresh and top quality ingredients for our international dishes and select the best seasonal products locally.

We have prepared three real burger recipes, made from premium beef in combination with crispy bacon, flavored onion or intense jalapeno.

We bake fresh foccacia every day and we offer it together with slices of our house recipe pastrami in a sandwich you will love from the first tasting.

We let the ingredients shine in the pizza recipes we offer you. From the sophisticated aromas of truffles to the intensity of spicy salami, each recipe is a journey into the joy of authentic Italian taste.

The light options are now tastier than ever because we offer you five salads adapted to all preferences and moments.


Super easy! Discover the entire menu, from hearty breakfast to delicious desserts and choose the favorite dishes for you and your loved ones.

You can find us on most home delivery platforms, all you have to do is select the delivery service, access the link on the product page and start the order.

Depending on the area where you live, you will be able to see if our menu can be delivered to your doorstep and what you need to do to complete the order.

Thank you and enjoy our dishes! 

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