We aim to provide our clients with a unique and exciting event experience by ensuring that you and your guests feel at home surrounded by exceptional food, service, and true hospitality. We encourage you to engage the assistance of our dedicated private event team throughout the planning process to create your memorable event.


If you are after a creative space to host your next art/craft/design workshop, then you really need look no further! Our space has been established to give you and your guests that vibe to hopefully unleash the creativity within!


14th LANE is a flexible space ready to be transformed into your next print ad, commercial or video. Be it an office environment, lounge room or fashion shoot, our contemporary space can be transformed with the use into whatever brief you are working towards. With a unique industrial feel, there is really no limit to the way you can use it!



Phone: 0727 677 777 

Every event needs an adequate place to assure the best conditions and to provide the guests with all the comfort.

14thLane is ideal for a variety of occasions, thanks to the area with easy accessibility, among with the minimalist and modern setting, from corporate events, openings, parties, exhibitions, even having the possibility of delimiting the space according to the number of participants.

Our professional staff is ready to handle every moment of the event and to comply exactly with your requirements!

You can contact us on the phone number 0727 677 777 or on Whatsapp.