A la carte


live music


We live in a world where time is often limited and thus very special. At 14th Lane by night, we want to create the atmosphere for each guest that will allow them to enjoy our concept at the fullest, not only to just follow the classic cuisine of great restaurants or to have a tablecloth without crumbs or cracks, but we need to ensure perfection for our guests.


14th Lane is aligned with a place that has a cosmopolitan look, contemporary and industrial with a ‘casual’ point in its interior design; something that our chef wants to reconcile with a stake on high cuisine. Spaces and the territory define the kitchen, beyond taste. We wanted to change the rules and draw our own concepts. 


Two different worlds brought together create a magical story and share their emotion to the people who are part of this unique experience. We invite you to look around and realize that you are part of an evening surrounded by special people to share unforgettable memories with. Our “à la carte” menu was created through connecting people while our culinary specialties are taking you on a discovery journey.


Taste, smell, hear, all senses awaken. Live music every Friday and Saturday in 14th Lane varies in styles from regular performers, famous bands and international stars. 


Our wine selection embodies a cosmopolitan energy with the laid-back atmosphere of your favorite bar. Designed with relaxed approach to good food and wine in mind, we invite you to drink, eat, share, relax and enjoy.