A la carte


live music


14Th Lane is a chameleonic place, with a magic atmosphere, that transforms itself when the night comes! Here you can enjoy unforgettable moments and you can live the most beautiful fairytale, on the chords of live music and the beautiful sound of the guitar. You make the story of 14th Lane go on and remain evergreen! You give life and color to our restaurant by choosing to dine here! With your loved one, every dinner at our restaurant becomes truly special, in a romantic and warm atmosphere!

Come taste the best dishes from our A la Carte menu and enjoy a fairytale night! Music. In your soul and on your plate.


14th Lane is truly a fairytale place! A warm welcoming place that loves to see your smile, everyday! It’s more than a restaurant, it is a true experience that will make you appreciate the little moments of joy, spent with the ones you love.

A place for the ones that love the beauty that surrounds them, a restaurant that was born out of passion for food, for relaxation. A restaurant where food is cooked like a work of art, a place where the taste of the extraordinary dishes is combined with the good-taste of the restaurant’s design.

An extraordinary culinary experience, created by the jovial and passionate chefs that cook carefully every dish you will savor here, in order to give you an unforgettable experience.

We are creating special moments and memories. For special people.


The 14Th Lane experience is about you. We always put you first, no matter if you come here just for a great specialty coffee or for a fulfilling breakfast on a sunny summer morning.

Everyday, we want only what’s best for you. Therefore, we are preparing exquisite dishes, made with carefully selected natural ingredients. Here you will enjoy romantic nights with the ones you love and care about and we will make sure you will have nothing to worry about!

The live music, the exquisite culinary specialties, the friendly staff and the relaxing atmosphere make 14Th Lane the ideal place to enjoy life and its moments of joy!


Our attention to detail will simply surprise you every night when you will decide to join us for culinary experiences from all over the world! Every detail is on point in order to offer you a perfect night and an outstanding experience! The plating of every dish is mesmerizing, the food is simply perfect and carefully cooked, the flavors will surprise your taste buds and will make you fall in love with our extraordinary dishes!

Come to The 14th Lane to enjoy a perfect culinary experience!


In vino veritas!

Wine, one of the most appreciated drinks in the world, paired with exquisite dishes, transforms itself into a tasty and fruity story, that can be unfolded only at 14th Lane!

Our sommeliers will tell you amazing stories of Bacchus’ liquor! In the ancient times, wine was an offering to the Gods and now, due to our wine experience, you can fine out all about wine’s mysteries and incredible savors!

With their incredible skills and care, our sommeliers will choose the best wine for the dish you choose to taste and enjoy at our restaurant! The way in which they will explain wine’s mysteries will make you live an incredible experience that will definitely amaze you!

You will know for sure that our restaurant is the place to be!