Tasty adventure in the salad world

The healthy option for a lunch or dinner, salad is preferred by those who always care for a healthy lifestyle. The menu we offer at Lane Delivery and at the 14th Lane restaurant consists of recipes that harmoniously combine fresh ingredients with international flavors for an original taste.

The first salad aims to surprise with a fresh, refreshing experience, in which it combines various textures. Chicken, the protein of choice preferred by all in combination with the creamy, slightly acidic sauce, in which the intensity of the mint leaves is discreetly felt, offers a perfect taste experience for a healthy and quick lunch. Walnuts, thin slices of pear, fresh lettuce leaves and arugula bring the much-desired crunchy note into a hearty and filling salad.

Chef Salad is the combination of the sophisticated aromas of smoked duck breast and the familiar and beloved taste of local cheese, the winning recipe for a complex salad. Crispy with the help of carrots and salted hazelnuts, this salad combines sweet elements such as honey and apples with the freshness of the leaves and the discreet acidity of the dressing made of honey, extra virgin olive oil and lemon.

Going to the office in Bucharest also comes with the challenge of being able to enjoy a quick, easy, healthy, and diverse lunch. The salad is always an inspired option, and the selection of 5 salads prepared by the team from Lane Delivery and the 14th Lane restaurant is available to order through most delivery applications and pick up from our headquarters in Bucharest, Orhideelor road, ​​15d.

Another vegetarian salad recipe that we are proud of is the one in which the baked halloumi cheese dominates the salad bowl through its crunchy and creamy texture at the same time. In addition to the strong aromas that dressing brings together, we also offer you an appetizing and very fresh color combination. Dressing made of zaatar, vinegar, orange juice and lemon brings to life all the other ingredients. Crispy cucumbers come in combination with creamy chickpeas and salty, intensely flavored kalamata olives.

We challenge you to try them all and eat healthy and tasty.

To the question where you can find the best, sophisticated and creative salad in Bucharest, the answer is simple: 14th Lane Restaurant, Orhideelor road, 15d