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At Lane Delivery and 14th Lane restaurant, Bucharest, we set out to make a pizza menu that would surprise, but also satisfy your true pizza craving.

We prepare the dough carefully and respecting authentic Italian pizza recipes, we choose the toppings to come up with original combinations and bake it in special ovens to obtain a preparation exactly as you want it.

Whether you order at home or at the office, or you visit us at 14th Lane restaurant, Orhideelor ​road ​15D, Bucharest, we offer you four pizza recipes made with a lot of creativity and skill.

Because we know how much you love the famous Diavola pizza recipe, we decided to integrate it in our new menu in a slightly reinterpreted version. For meat and spicy taste lovers always looking for the best diavola pizza in Bucharest, we thought of a recipe that offers the perfect experience from the first slice. Thin dough, with perfectly crispy edges, tomato sauce (own recipe), mozzarella and slices of spicy salami touched by the crazy fire in the oven. We did not forget the discreetly salty aroma of the olives and the extra color from the chive leaves.

Fans of classic Italian flavors find in Fantasia pizza a super tasty combination, original and perfectly adapted to modern tastes.

Over the thin and perfectly baked top, we added mozzarella, creamy and intense gorgonzola, incredibly fragrant pancetta, and Parmesan cheese just as much as it needs to bring all the other flavors to life. The extra crunch dose comes from the pieces of fresh green onions. We invite you to a pizza like a holiday in Italy!

Gustosa, the third pizza proposal comes with the beauty of simplicity. Over the thin top we added our own recipe tomato sauce, mozzarella, delicate slices of pancetta, some fresh cherry tomatoes and fragrant basil. Each layer of ingredients comes to complete a balanced, rich, and very modern taste experience.

We also thought of those who are looking for sophisticated flavors, less common on pizza and who will love them from the first slice. We chose the truffle cream, extremely fragrant and tasty, which we put next to diced potatoes, prosciutto cotto with its specific taste of slowly matured meat and red, intense, and crunchy onions.

All these recipes are available for online order, but also for personal pick-up from our headquarters: 14th Lane restaurant, Orhideelor road ​​15D, Bucharest.