Craving for the
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When we designed the new menu for Lane Delivery and 14th Lane Bucharest restaurant, we set out to include a dish loved by all with an active, urban, and truly diverse lifestyle. The burger is the symbol for international flavor, it allows extremely creative and challenging recipes.

And because we like to do things properly, we decided to take each ingredient separately and make it better, more modern, and easier to integrate into everyone's diet.

Because we know how important it is to build a preparation that balances taste, texture and how digestible and healthy the final product is, we decided to mix tradition with innovation.

To obtain the perfect burger bun, we use an old hydration technique that we finalize in a long (24h) cold fermentation process to obtain a fluffy, elastic bun that is amazingly easy to digest. The whole process takes place in our kitchens at the 14th Lane restaurant on Orhideelor road ​​15D, in Bucharest.

The second important element in the recipe for a memorable burger is the beef. We chose to chop it in house to obtain a texture that in the cooking process gives us a crispy crust on the outside and a juicy and tender consistency on the inside.

The discreet aroma of smoke is due to the special oven in which we cook the burger meat to have a perfect caramelization process, every time. We only add Maldon salt, a little pepper, and a lot of care always.

The first burger recipe we present is We Know Beef, here we played and introduced in the mix the famous crispy and super sweet onion rings. The aroma is balanced with our special whiskey-based burger sauce.

For an authentic American taste, we chose to put together a fluffy bun on the inside and perfectly browned on the outside, pieces of crispy and extremely tasty bacon, sweet and crispy onion rings, salad leaves and a tomato chutney of our own recipe.

Along with this burger recipe, we offer you an equally classic garnish. French fries, thin and crunchy over which we add an explosion of flavor with the help of garlic and intense powder sweet paprika.

Potatoes are the ideal partner for any burger and are the most beloved garnish for those who choose to order for home or come to pick up your dinner from our address: Lane Delivery & 14th Lane restaurant, Orhideelor road ​​15D.