WINE pairing

WINE pairing


With our incredible selection of wines, the 14th Lane culinary experience becomes one that will simply be out of this world! Our wines go together perfectly with our balanced and delicious dishes, cooked by the most talented chefs from the industry!

These special wines will intensify the taste of our carefully cooked dishes, making them even more savory than before!


At 14th Lane, we always want to offer you the best products! Therefore, you will find here a special selection of exquisite wines, from 40 different producers, with more than 100 tags from all over the world. The flavors of foreign countries will fusion with authentic Romanian tastes. The countries that produced the selection of wines will tell you their amazing stories through these sublime drinks and will make you enjoy a journey of senses and incredible flavors.

The savor and warmth of France, the Italian dry wine, together with superior wines from Spain, Argentina, Chile and  New Zeeland will surprise you!

Taste a drop of magic! Taste the special 14th Lane wines. Carefully selected to amaze you.