If ever you're craving a delicious exotic or spicy meal cooked with different flavors guaranteed to take you miles away into the very heart of exotic Asia !


The daily diverse menus take inspiration from around Romania and all over the world.

We use only the finest, freshest ingredients, ensuring there is something irresistible to suit every taste.


First quality meats, so you can enjoy the taste and juiciness of charcoal grilled or wood smoked meat like never before.

Pork ribs, beef sirloin, burgers and a lot of other dishes await you in our Grill kitchen.

How do you like meat, undercooked, very cooked or to the point?


Experience the Italian flavors in our variety of pizzas, topped with Burrata or Sausage from Calabria and much more…

Simplicity and quality are the two key words which best describe the taste of the pizzas served.


Live your passion, make bold choices, soften your footprint and lift your salad to a higher level by creating surprising combination with daily fresh ingredients.

Enjoy your moment!


Our lovely Italian gelato is artisanal made from fresh, authentic ingredients, used to infuse intense and luxurious flavors into every scoop – perfect pale green shade pistachios, aromatic vanilla pods with an exotic twist to an old favorite, whilst hazelnuts from Piedmont deliver the ultimate creamy taste sensation.


With its simple flavors, traditional methods, high-quality ingredients and attention to detail, our pastries will take you to a world of sweetness where you can allow your senses to revel in unrivalled pleasures.